RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance

RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance

Whether you need an ambulance in a hurry, doctors and nurses to look after you or first aid, RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance will rush to assist you as customer satisfaction is their priority.

More and more residents are expressing satisfaction in one of the fastest-growing innovative medical companies. Ralmed is a medical company dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and training courses which are guided by the latest medical research.  Patients’ satisfaction is the centre of everything Ralmed does and has been doing since its inception in 2013.

Some of the services which have seen RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance increasingly gaining popularity from residents include:

Ralmed Rosebank Ambulance

24-hour emergency ambulances for all medical emergencies –the ambulances are strategically located to provide a short response time to scene.

Ralmed Rosebank Ambulance also provides job- shadowing opportunities to those aspiring to study for the paramedic qualification. Participants should be at least 18 years old and will spend a day with a paramedic on the emergency response car and get to make more informed career choices.
Owen Man-hire, the director of Ralmed, states that about 90% of our job shadowing participants pursue the paramedic qualification.
The Ralmed Rosebank Ambulance number is: 086 172 5633

RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance First Aid

Learn how to save a life with Ralmed First Aid and enrol into one of the accredited courses in basic First aid Level  1, First aid Level 2 or the advanced First aid Level 3. In cases of medical emergencies at home or workplaces, a qualified first aider can sustain life of the injured while waiting for paramedics to come over. Each First Aid level includes a CPR course.

Ralmed Rosebank Doctors and Nurses

RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance Doctors and nurses provide home visit care to nearly 700 patients each month. Most patients with light to mild illnesses are now opting to receiving medical attention in the comfort of their homes instead of going to hospitals which are sometimes perceived to be infection hotspots.

RALMED Rosebank First Aid Ambulance Hospital and Clinics

Through Ralmed’s hospital and clinic affiliation it has a big network of hospitals and clinics in Sandton which treat patients subscribed to either local or foreign medical aids (including international travel insurance)

Ralmed Rosebank Ambulance Emergency Number Tel: +27861725633

Original Link: Ralmed Rosebank: Doctors, Ambulance and First Aid | Rosebank Killarney Gazette

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