Disaster can strike out of nowhere. Tornadoes and earthquakes do not announce themselves before they come underfoot. Days of pounding, persistent rain create overwhelming floods in South Africa. Weather emergencies are on the one side, on the other side vehicles crashes and other man made crises can happen in just seconeds. To make matters worse, a delayed or deferred response to a disaster could cause further facility or infrastructure damages, making remediation more difficult and possibly more expensive.

No matter the nature of the disaster, if a facility or infrastructure is harmed, local governments must react quickly to repair the damage. Ralmed offer JOC solution for this challenge. JOC is most commonly used to clear deferred maintenance backlog, perform rapid response recurring project needs, and construct renovation projects. Traditionally, JOC has been implemented for renovation and demolition work. But now JOC implanted to respond in emergency situations quickly. JOC enables qualified, readily-available contractors to get started quickly in a crisis.All important processes, rules of conduct, responsibilities and telephone numbers for emergency situations should emerge from an operational emergency plan.

A Job Order Contracting program empowers governments to respond to a disaster as soon as conditions allow with qualified contractors ready to get the job done without a protracted back-and-forth about costs. Most of the benefit from the expedited response without paying a premium. After disaster strikes, Job Order Contracting can provide immediate relief.

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